canada goose down parka

canada goose,everyone need it
Canada goose, in the Scarborough area Toronto to add a garment factory to respond to the brand is in short supply in the international market, the new factory will employ 70 staff.

It is reported that access to Canada goose named Grand Harbour Clothing garment processing Inc of cooperation., headed by Chinese-American James Tang, covering an area of 45,000 feet, is a Canada goose in the greater Toronto area and the second canada goose retailers toronto garment factory. Hammered down the back of the cooperation projects CANADA GOOSE TRILLIUM PARKA Navy WOMENS have been identified add 70 jobs, garment production efficiency 25%.

Canada goose CEO Dani Reiss, from Asia to Europe, then to North America, Canada goose clothing brands are sought after set off a boom around the world, the Add garment processing is an important step forward for the company, in particular product lines from the traditional means of production, converted to a production level of innovation and technology in the world.

Canada goose clothing factory for long-term cooperation, Grand Harbour Clothing Inc. has been for Canada goose is known for its large amounts of quality winter jackets, prior to this, canada goose retailers  the factory will also add new production lines, used from the infrastructure of innovation and technology.

It is learned that the Grand Harbour Clothing Inc. This will be mainly manufactured under the brand down jacket [email protected] series, the series is known for thin, light jackets, and vests. Grand Harbour Clothing Inc. head James Tang, said, "with the Canada goose over the past three years of cooperation, we saw brand for efforts to uphold the principle of quality first and insisted, I'm honored to continue to work with Canada goose business and became one of the quality brand manufacturers of cooperation.